- To focus our attention on the needs of disadvantaged people;
- To answer to the people needs with any initiatives, operations, services, solutions and innovations to develop their educational, linguistic, professional, cultural, emotional, social competences by a life experience;
- To help any type of businesses to increase productivity and competitiveness by finding in the work-place better/up-to-date educated and experienced personnel;
- To support and develop culturally, socially, professionally and emotionally the people within the community by managing mobility training projects;
- People: to create/to provide added value to the individual as a member in social environment; as a professional in the work environment; as a citizen in a community;
- Partners: to nurture a winning network of international training organizations to create / optimize a mutual enduring value;
- Local Communities: to help and support the International and European communities with people that can make a difference;
- Company productivity: To be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization; to be mindful of our responsibilities;
Conducting its business with responsibility and in compliance with the law and regulations, E.In.E. has established company guidelines which require that all the people involved in the projects behave ethically and law abiding.

E.In.E. guidelines are the basis of E.In.E. work and the relationships of E.In.E. staff with one another as well as with its project beneficiaries, service providers, partners and others as the following:

- Respect: treating others with respect and dignity – communicating openly and honestly;
- Teamwork: maximizing our effectiveness through teamwork;
- Integrity: acting with personal and professional integrity;
- Beneficiary focus: being highly responsible and focused on E.In.E. candidates and their needs;
- Quality results : instilling quality in everything E.In.E. does.
E.In.E. safeguards the success and the future of the organization by taking into account economic, social, ethical and environmental concerns and clear and transparent rules.