Just after the arrival of the beneficiaries in Italy, an Information meeting will be carried out in order:

- To provide the individuals with the information they need to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

- To assist the beneficiaries in settling into their new life in Italy as quickly as possible, and cover many of the practical issues they will need to deal with during their stay in the country.

- To gather all the required information to enable E.In.E. to place participants in as suitable a work placement as possible.
E.In.E. accommodates the candidates either with families or shared apartments or in residence with other students.

Accommodations are basic, but perfectly suitable for the participants.

Generally the houses have a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and two or three bedrooms. In some cases a double room will be shared with a participant of the same group or other student / professional). Cooking equipment is provided.
Full board or self-catering arrangements will be organised.

A deposit might be required by the accommodation providers.
E.In.E. and the accommodation providers expect the participant to adhere scrupulously to certain rules and regulations regarding the use of all accommodation in order to respect the needs of all their tenants.

Special accommodation requests or requirements are provided by E.In.E. on “as available“ basis without a guarantee or warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.
E.In.E. organises an Italian language course for the duration of some weeks, in an institution, which devises a teaching plan in accordance with the candidate’s training needs.

This language programme is a short and intensive course designed for people who need to improve their Italian language level before starting a training experience in Italy.

In order to determine the level of the candidates Italian, tests will be given within the language course.

This flexible general Italian course is designed to improve people’s Italian Language proficiency for use in everyday situations both in the social life and in the work-environment.
Courses are suitable for candidates of all levels from Elementary to Advanced.
Class discussion, role-play, presentations, individual, pair and group activities are all used to provide a dynamic and varied learning experience.

Candidates will attend the language course of the stated planned hours every day from Monday until Friday; (20 hours per week tuition);

Our organisation provides all the study material for the candidates.
Cultural and leisure activities are organized by E.In.E. – only if provided by the sending organisation or have been required by the participants.

The cultural events increases the interaction between different cultures, makes shared values meet on the same platform, develops positive images and relationship within the society and among the people;
Cultural visits could involve visiting cultural and natural resources, historically preserved places, structures, museums, cities or such other historical values that are unique from the point of science and Italian culture.

Leisure activities can be organised only by E.In.E. at its discretion; they may include either one or more events or initiatives as for example attending to theatres, cinemas, art galleries or festivals a visit to a Italian sight in the local area; live music, gigs; parties; others.
Work Experience Placement in Italy is organised by E.In.E., taking in to consideration the objectives of the training programme made for the beneficiary.

Before the arrival of the beneficiaries in Italy and/or during the language course, E.In.E. identifies the area of employment which could match candidates’ own interests, preferences, capabilities and personality.

A work-placement recruitment process is organised by E.In.E. and candidates may be asked to participate in one or more selection procedures (telephone interview, face-to-face meeting, interview tests etc.).
The aim of the recruitment process is to ensure the hosting company understands candidates’ competences, career goals, aspirations, motivations, level of Italian, personality etc.

Trainee’s tasks will be in relation to his/her education, vocational training, Italian level; professional experiences, mentality, attitude, personality, flexibility, capabilities, others. Working days and hours are according to national legislation.

The training programme is established on the basis of an agreement between E.In.E. and the Host Company which include the planned training steps for the trainee.
If required and provided by the sending organisation, E.In.E.organises:

- Transport from the arrival place to the participant’s accommodation;

- A fortnightly / monthly ticket for public transport;

- Transport from the accommodation of the participant to the place of departure.
E.In.E. will nominate a tutor within its own staff to be responsible for the didactic and organisational aspects of the training period (the same person will be responsible for more than one trainee) in Italy.

The nominated tutor has the task of the methodological formulation and control of the training period as following:

- define the training plan for the candidates;

- define the operational aspects of the training period;

- ensure the commitment of both the trainee and the company;

- verify the integrity and value of the training course;

- monitor regularly the development of the training project;

- resolve any challenges that could arise.
During the programme, the commitment of the nominated tutor within E.In.E. staff is to identify any problems the candidate may be experiencing at any point and check that the participant’s professional training is progressing efficiently through:

- a series of questionnaires sent by e-communication weekly/fortnightly;

- personal conversation to be made by telephone or e-mail;

- personal visits to the candidate.